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Food and Nutrition Magazine

Food and Nutrition Magazine is a nutrition guide for health and weight loss.

Proper nutrition is a diet that promotes normal functioning, development and renewal of body cells. This concept does not impose strict restrictions in the formation of the menu for each day, but only indicates the principles that help to eat properly and with health benefits.

More and more people begin to think about proper, healthy nutrition, but many of them do not understand what proper nutrition is and what it is aimed at. First of all, proper nutrition is aimed at human health but not a slim figure. Not knowing and not having people experience in this area, it is very difficult to figure out: “Where is the truth?”. And in order not to fall into extremes, you need to know that the basis of a healthy diet is the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates – that these are the basic building blocks of what our body is built of. After all, a proper diet, which includes such products as lean meat, fish, dairy products, fresh vegetables, greens, cereals and fruits will give us immediate results and a surge of vigor.

Healthy eating has an important set of rules, such as frequency of food intake, serving size, a combination of products, quality and proper cooking, as well as the correct drinking regimen. These are the main aspects of a healthy diet. Food and Nutrition Magazine will help you feel fresh, look younger, be active and remain healthy!!!


  • get the basic knowledge necessary for proper nutrition;
  • use scientifically based and effective modern methods of losing weight and maintaining the desired weight;
  • get rid of excess fat, improving your health;
  • keep abreast of the latest achievements of nutrition and psychology;
  • have a solid database on the composition and properties of food, methods of cooking dietary dishes, calculating the actual attainable weight, energy value and diet structure, etc. –


The motto of our website: “There is no medicine more powerful than proper nutrition.” In order to think in a new way and act in a new way, you need not only to master extensive knowledge of nutrition, and metabolism, but also constantly increase your motivation, feeding yourself with new and new information. The team of Food and Nutrition Magazine will provide you with such information!

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