Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health

Nutrition_ Tips for Improving Your Health

Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors for maintaining health. In order to improve the complexion and improve their figure, many people go to extreme measures, resorting to strict dieting and completely limiting themselves in the consumption of their favorite foods. Meanwhile, such prohibitions can lead not only to psychological discomfort but also to the development of pathologies. Even adhering to the principles of proper nutrition, it is quite permissible to afford a small amount of “forbidden” food once a week. The most important thing is to keep your diet balanced and choose healthy foods, enriched with all the nutrients necessary for the body. The article released by Food and Nutrition Magazine will help you understand how to improve health through proper nutrition.

Principles of proper nutrition: 7 tips for improving health

To master the regime of proper nutrition, you do not need to use complex formulas for calculating calorie, but just follow some recommendations and stick to the established plan.

To understand how to eat properly, you should consider the following principles:

  1. Fractional nutrition. It does not mean that you need to eat every 2 hours but that a person must have breakfast, lunch and dinner during the day. Two snacks are allowed in order not to have unpleasant feelings when “sucking in the gut”. Remember that the portions should be moderate, it’s recommended to remain a little bit hungry, when the feeling of fullness has already come but you could still eat.
  2. Proper breakfast is a mandatory start of the day. It should not be missed, because breakfast will give enough energy for the day. Besides, at this time of day, metabolic processes are most active in the body, and this requires a certain amount of energy in the form of a wholesome breakfast. For sweet teeth, breakfast will certainly become a favorite meal because they can pamper themselves with something delicious.
  3. Vegetables and fruits are the basis for proper nutrition. Rich in vitamins, beneficial trace elements and fiber, they saturate the body with all necessary microelements and help normalize the bowels. In addition, their advantage is that they are digested well and you will not have fat deposits on the waist, etc.
  4. Meat. If you eat meat, choose veal or poultry fillet. The cooking method and the serving size are also important. The best time for such a satisfying meal is lunch, but you should not combine meat with cereals or pasta. Vegetables will be a good side dish for it.
  5. Without dairy products, it is impossible to eat properly. Kefir, cottage cheese, as well as hard cheeses must be present in the diet. You still should give preference to products with low-fat content, and people who want to lose weight should refuse sour cream and heavy cream.
  6. Water. Without its sufficient intake, the benefits of proper nutrition are minimized: metabolic processes slow down, the intestines cannot be cleaned normally, and in general, the lack of water immediately affects appearance. There is an opinion that 8 glasses are needed per day of water. Most of them should be drunk in the morning, and you definitely need to drink 1 glass before breakfast for 20 minutes, this will allow the body to wake up and fully earn (water should be at room temperature, and drink in small sips, slowly).
  7. Limit salt and sugar in the diet. Sugar interferes with nutrition control since it dramatically increases blood glucose and soon also drastically reduces it. This leads to a false feeling of hunger and then to overeating. Salt, retaining body fluid, causes swelling.

Important: you do not need to dramatically change your diet, it usually returns to the previous mode after a while. You will get used to proper nutrition if you introduce all the changes gradually, without experiencing internal opposition to the new rules.

List of foods for proper nutrition

Food and Nutrition Magazine has made up a list of the healthiest foods:

  • Vegetables and fruits are a source of vitamins, valuable microelements, fiber;
  • Berries are a natural antioxidant, they contain many useful ingredients, it is good to freeze them for the winter season – this is the most gentle way to store food, allowing you to extract the maximum benefit;
  • Cereals are a rich source of energy in the form of complex carbohydrates, which gives a long feeling of satiety;
  • Nuts and dried fruits contain a lot of useful elements. Nuts and dried fruits are not inferior to fresh fruit and can be stored for up to a year. Such snacks should be certainly included in the diet;
  • Poultry meat is a valuable protein and source of amino acids, while it is low in calories compared to meat;
  • Dairy products are a source of protein, calcium, amino acids. They neutralize the effects of radiation and toxic substances;
  • Fish and seafood are a source of protein, minerals, vitamins of group B, omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Green tea acts as an antioxidant, normalizes the work of internal organs.

All of the above products belong to the group of easily digestible foods. But there is also a category of hard-to-digest foods that also need to be included in the menu but in moderation. These are chocolate, strong coffee and tea, seasonings, salt and sugar.

10 harmful foods you should not eat

To know how to eat properly, you must definitely avoid the products from the banned list. Such food does not do any good, and it does much harm: a deterioration of the physical condition, the development of serious diseases (diabetes, a stomach ulcer, a heart attack, etc.), weight gain, loss of attractiveness of the skin, hair, nails.)

In short, such products are the enemies of the body. Therefore, you need to refuse them.

Harmful products include:

  1. purchased sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.);
  2. refined sugar;
  3. butter;
  4. instant coffee;
  5. salty products;
  6. smoked meat,
  7. fried foods,
  8. fast food;
  9. white flour products;
  10. alcohol.


At first glance, proper nutrition seems to be an incomprehensible science, but if you have the right attitude and switch to a healthy diet gradually, all the rules can be easily followed and they quickly become a habit. Therefore, have patience, lead a healthy lifestyle, stay healthy and beautiful!

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